We love to hear from our clients. Let us hear about your successes and struggles. Even in an era dominated by social media, we hold out hope that word-of-mouth recommendations from actual clients still hold sway.
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“Believe me when I say that you are amazing and even though our contact has strictly been by email, you have always responded to me in a timely manner and not afraid to use layman’s terms. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
“Thank you so much for the great advice and representation. I know that this process and my position was greatly enhanced by having you on my side. Again, thank you for all that you have done to make this process as smooth as possible. Wishing you the best.”
“Again, you are GREAT and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help! ”
“I can’t thank Stephanie enough for helping me navigate family law towards a collaborative agreement with my spouse. At my first meeting with Stephanie, she opened my mind to the spectrum of legal options available to me as I determined if our marriage was meant to continue. Stephanie’s legal expertise is superb – she’s smart, knowledgeable and insightful in her understanding and application of family law to this spectrum of options. She is very balanced in her thinking and approach, developing both strategy and tactics which were key to my individual situation and needs - and adeptly leverages technology to facilitate the sharing of information throughout the process. Moreover, she is deliberate in her use of patience, helping to guide my thinking and actions/reactions as she and I determined the best plan for my situation – her ability to set the tone and cadence for my approach with my spouse and his attorney to reach such an agreement was critical to this outcome. She is persistent yet measured, always responsive and supportive, and through her calm professional demeanor kept me calm and focused through a very challenging time. Most of all, I knew from our first meeting that she was invested in me and my best interests – and at times, my sanity - which was evident with our every interaction and in her every iteration when crafting and negotiating our agreement. I highly recommend Stephanie and David to anyone in need of family law expertise, whether pursuing separation, divorce, and/or a collaborative agreement while determining the future of his/her marriage.”
“I found Irvine Law Firm when doing an internet search on a separation issue. I emailed them with a question and quickly heard back from Stephanie Irvine. She was very helpful. I ended up getting a phone consultation and then a separation agreement. Again, she was super helpful in crafting a good proposal and my spouse and I quickly came to an agreement. I highly recommend Stephanie Irvine and Irvine Law Firm.”
“I came to Irvine Law Firm as I needed help with solidifying paperwork for a divorce. As one can imagine with the unpleasant nature of a divorce, I was relieved to have such a reliable partner helping to guide me through the process while ensuring I was advocated for properly. To my surprise, I not only received legal support through Irvine Law Firm, but was provided a reliable confidant that was able to keep humanity and heart in the picture throughout the process. Irvine Law Firm took a process that was messy and difficult and made it streamlined and manageable all while providing the confidence I had an incredible ally working on my behalf. My partnership with Irvine Law Firm has been invaluable and I hold immense gratitude for all they do.”
“David and Stephanie were invaluable in helping me through the most difficult time in my life.  My divorce was very stressful, which made decision making far more difficult. Throughout the process, David and Stephanie were very good listeners and easily accessible, and were sources of encouragement and sound advice. On numerous occasions, they guided me through the best options for me when I was filled with emotion and couldn’t think clearly.  Their sound advice and knowledge allowed me to settle my divorce quickly, and their billing practices are very fair and honest. I will certainly recommend David and Stephanie to anyone who is facing divorce.”
“I cannot thank you enough for your support. You have been phenomenally helpful, and your quick responses have meant the world to me. My lack of knowledge and expertise with this process has been nerve-wracking and having your advice so readily available has helped me tremendously.”
“If you ever want to give my name to anybody thinking about hiring you, please do and I will be glad to tell them what a wonderful job you did for me. I also want to thank you for letting me be involved. I know you could tell that I needed to be involved. I needed to know that I was doing everything possible so that I was not bullied by my wife’s attorney. At the end of the day, it’s about being able to hold your head high and feel like you did what was right. I can tell that Stephanie and David live by this and once again I thank you for helping me.”
“I have had the pleasure of working with both Stephanie and David. After working with several attorneys over the years, I can tell you I highly recommend Irvine Law Firm. They are compassionate, caring attorneys who actually listen without judgment. They assist their clients in achieving outcomes that might not always seem possible initially.”
“Mr. Irvine is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He made my legal experience comfortable and left me at-ease. He knows his content and pursues legal battles with gusto.”
"I used Irvine Law Firm's services to assist in handling my father's estate when he passed away. Stephanie assisted me through the process every step of the way. She made an otherwise "overwhelming task" very simple and easy to work through. She was always available to answer any questions I had during the process. Additionally, while executor of the estate, I wished to clarify some property boundaries whose existing deeds dated back to the early 1900's and were described using iron pipes and gum trees. Stephanie drew up Special Warranty Deeds for the properties. She allowed me to work with her, researching and locating existing deeds. The process was fun and educational. I live in VA, and would happily use Irvine Law Firm again to assist in any legal matters in NC. I highly recommend them."