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Get your Deed for $200 within 48 hours. Work directly with a North Carolina attorney by email.

You do not have to go to a lawyer’s office for a Deed. You do not have to wait for weeks for a Deed.

Get your Deed drafted by a North Carolina attorney in just two days, complete with signing and recording instructions. Work directly with the attorney from gathering information to final recording.

We prepare General Warranty Deeds, Special Warranty Deeds, Quitclaim Deeds as well as Release Deeds and Deeds of Trust. Our Deeds include instructions for signing and recording at the courthouse.

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Do you need a North Carolina Deed?

  • Are you selling or gifting land? Do you have an agreement that requires Seller to present a Deed? Are you gifting property as part of your estate planning?   Whether you are selling or gifting, we can prepare your Deed.  We do not handle real estate closings.
  • Do you need to satisfy terms of a marital settlement or court order? Are you required to provide a Deed as part of a Separation Agreement or Court Order?  We can ensure that your Deed has the appropriate language for your specific situation.
  • Are you buying or receiving land? If you are obligated to present Sellers with a Deed or a person giving you land requests that you have the Deed drafted, we can prepare the property Deed and explain your steps for completion.
  • Are you a creditor? If you need to release your lien on land, we can prepare a Release Deed for you.  If you need to create a lien on land, we can prepare a Deed of Trust and Note.

How to get started

Send us the following information so we can start your Deed:
1. Name and mailing address of Grantor(s) and Grantee(s).
2. Legal description - Book and page reference where the current Deed is recorded (or email us a copy of the current Deed).
3. Amount, if any, being paid to Seller
4. Type of Deed requested (Warranty, Quitclaim or other)
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does a Deed cost?
Most Deeds cost $200.00.  If there are more than 8 parties or more than one piece of property, the fee may be higher.  Send us details for a fixed fee quote.  The fee paid to the Register of Deeds will be $26.00 plus Excise Tax computed at $1 per $500 of purchase price.
Do you prepare quitclaim deeds?
Yes.  A Quitclaim Deed (sometimes mistakenly called a Quick Claim Deed) is a property Deed with no warranty language.  A General Warranty Deed is a Deed with full warranty language. The costs and procedures are the same.
Does North Carolina require a title certification?
No. If the buyer is willing to accept the title to the property as is, no title certification is necessary. This is often the case when property is inherited or when buyer and seller know each other.  Irvine Law Firm does not provide title certifications.
What do I do with the signed deed?
If you are the buyer, you will take the Deed to the courthouse for recording. If you are the Seller, you will give the Deed to the buyer upon receipt of the purchase price.  Further details and instructions will be provided with your completed Deed.
Why does my spouse have to sign the deed?
North Carolina law provides that spouses must sign real estate transfer documents unless the parties have executed a Pre-Marital Agreement or a Free Trader Agreement. If the parties are separated and have executed a Free Trader Agreement or a Separation Agreement, the spouse may not need to sign the deed.
How do I find my legal description?
We are glad to work with you to find accessible data for the legal description in your Deed or to help you write one based on available information.
Notice and Disclaimer
• No lawyer-client relationship is established until the services are agreed upon and the fee is paid.
• All documents and legal advice are based solely on the information provided by the client.  
• The lawyer-client relationship is limited to the preparation of the document or the legal advice purchased.
• Irvine Law Firm does not provide tax or financial advice.  All documents and legal services are based on North Carolina law.
• The relationship ends upon transmittal of the final version of the document or the purchased legal advice.
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