Legal Documents

Powers of Attorney

Control your Welfare with a North Carolina Power of Attorney.

Do you want to decide who will handle your finances and manage your health care when you need assistance?  Do you want to designate what rights, powers and obligations they have? 

With a valid North Carolina Power of Attorney, you can be in control of your welfare and make your decisions legally binding.

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Durable Power of Attorney for Finances

  • Do you need someone to help pay your bills, file your taxes and manage your property?
  • Do you need someone to sign papers on your behalf?  Do you need to be able to sign papers for your parents?
  • You can name your Attorney in Fact and define their powers in a Durable Power of Attorney prepared by Irvine Law Firm. 
    Fee: $75.00

Health Care Power of Attorney

  • Will you need to make decisions for your aging parents or need to specify who can make decisions for you?
  • Do you want to create legally enforceable instructions regarding your health care?
  • Name your Health Care Agent and specify your end of life wishes in a North Carolina Health Care Power of Attorney prepared by Irvine Law Firm. 
    Fee: $75.00

Living Will

  • Do you want to avoid living on life support?
  • Would you like to specify your end of life choices in a legally binding document?
  • Don’t wait until a hospital employee urges you or your loved one to get a Living Will.  Make your choices for yourself in a North Carolina Living Will prepared by Irvine Law Firm
    Fee: $75.00
It is crucial that your legal documents be correctly witnessed, signed and notarized.  All documents purchased from Irvine Law Firm include written instructions to property sign, file, record and store your completed paperwork.

How to get started

Let us know what documents you are interested in. We will email with you to get the necessary information and then email your documents with signing, witnessing and notarizing instructions. We also offer Packages: Simple Will with Durable POA, Health Care POA and Living Will is $500.00 for an individual and $750.00 for a couple. We are glad to tailor a package to your needs.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get my Power of Attorney signed?
The person who is giving the power must sign before a notary public.  For the Health Care Power of Attorney, an additional two witnesses must also sign.  All documents purchased from Irvine Law Firm include instructions to ensure proper execution.
Are Powers of Attorney part of an overall estate plan?
Yes, the Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney and the Living Will allow you to control your care and welfare prior to death.  A Last Will and Testament designates who receives your property and manages your affairs after you pass away.  Irvine Law Firm provides all four documents as part of a complete estate plan.
If I name my child as my attorney in fact, can I still handle my finances?
Yes, your child can be available as a backup or your power of attorney can specify a point in the future when it becomes effective.
Notice and Disclaimer
• No lawyer-client relationship is established until the services are agreed upon and the fee is paid.
• All documents and legal advice are based solely on the information provided by the client.  
• The lawyer-client relationship is limited to the preparation of the document or the legal advice purchased.
• Irvine Law Firm does not provide tax or financial advice.  All documents and legal services are based on North Carolina law.
• The relationship ends upon transmittal of the final version of the document or the purchased legal advice.
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