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Parenting Agreements

Peaceful Parenting. Would you and the other parent benefit from a document that clearly sets out the rights and responsibilities of each parent when it comes to co-parenting your children? A Parenting Agreement is a guide for parents trying to co-parent their children without being a couple. A Parenting Agreement is a legally enforceable contract focused on your family’s specific circumstances and needs. A well-crafted Agreement can help you avoid conflict.

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Have you and the other parent agreed on terms?

  • We can put those terms in a legally enforceable North Carolina Parenting Agreement.
  • When the parties are in agreement, if you provide us with a detailed outline of the matters agreed to, we can provide a Parenting Agreement for a fixed fee of $600.

Typical issues addressed by a Parenting Agreement

  • Decision making regarding the children.
  • Custody and Visitation schedule.
  • Custody exchange times and places.
  • Exchange of Information and Documentation.
  • Child Support.
  • School and Extra-curricular activities.
  • Best interest of the children.

Is a Parenting Agreement right for you?

To get started, please give us the names of both parents, the ages of your children and any terms or provisions you and the other parent have agreed upon.  We will give you a fixed fee quote for a Parenting Agreement within a matter of hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the other parent and I have not yet agreed on all the parenting issues?
Both spouses must agree to a Parenting Agreement.  However, we can assist you in drafting a proposed Parenting Agreement that you provide to your spouse for review.  A proposed Parenting Agreement is a good place to start in your discussions and negotiations about parenting issues.
Why can’t we just write down our custody terms and each sign that document?
You may certainly do that.  However, you would be better served by having a North Carolina attorney draft a specific and legally enforceable agreement in order to avoid confusion and conflict and to ensure it is enforceable.
What if we want to change the terms of our Parenting Agreement?
You and the other parent can always modify, revise or revoke a Parenting Agreement by mutual agreement.
Notice and Disclaimer
• No lawyer-client relationship is established until the services are agreed upon and the fee is paid.
• All documents and legal advice are based solely on the information provided by the client.  
• The lawyer-client relationship is limited to the preparation of the document or the legal advice purchased.
• Irvine Law Firm does not provide tax or financial advice.  All documents and legal services are based on North Carolina law.
• The relationship ends upon transmittal of the final version of the document or the purchased legal advice.
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