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Free Trader Agreements

A North Carolina Free Trader Agreement in 48 hours. North Carolina law requires that spouses sign real estate transfer documents, even when they own no interest and even if the spouses are separated.

A Free Trader Agreement allows each spouse to sign Deeds and other real estate documents without their current spouse being required to sign to complete the transfer.

For $75.00, Irvine Law Firm will send you a Free Trader Agreement within 48 hours, complete with signing and filing instructions.

To learn more about Free Trader Agreements, please check out our Blog.

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Transfer Real Estate in NC without your spouse

  • If you own land and have a signed Free Trader Agreement, you can sell your interest or acquire new interests without your spouse's involvement.
  • If you are you separated and have a Free Trader Agreement, you can acquire new property or sell land in your name alone.
  • If you need to be able to transfer your spouse's interest, you will need a Power of Attorney. 

A Free Trader Agreement is Easy.

Get your papers in less than 48 hours. Both spouses sign in front of a Notary Public.  Take the Document to the Register of Deeds in the County where the property is located.  Pay $26.00 for recording.  You are done.

How to get started

Email us the names and addresses of both parties. We will send you a link to pay $75.00 by credit card. We will email you the Agreement within 48 hours, complete with signing and filing instructions.
Frequently Asked Questions
Do spouses need to be separated to sign a Free Trader Form?
No. Free Trader Agreements are often used by married people who want the freedom to make transfers of their property without their spouse’s involvement.
Can I use a Free Trader Agreement to transfer my spouse’s interest in land?
No.  If your spouse's name is on the Deed, they will need to sign the Deed or a Power of Attorney in order to transfer their interest.
What if I have land in more than one NC county?
You can either execute multiple originals of the Free Trader Agreement or you can take the original recorded in one county and then record it in another county.
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