A New Path Forward

The past couple of years have been strange and difficult. As we all struggled to cope with family, business and recreation in the days of Covid-19, many of us discovered ways to connect virtually with co-workers and loved ones.  Lawyers too had to learn new ways of providing legal services to their clients.

At Irvine Law Firm, we have been creating and improving our platform for online services since 2013.  In the current environment, online legal services offer a safe, efficient and economical way to address your legal needs.

Online Legal Services are convenient.

We can work within your schedule and you need not leave the comfort and safety of your home. Online Legal Services are less expensive. Because we are working virtually, we can keep your cost down. You only pay for what you need. If you have a few questions, we can often provide easy legal advice by email. If your situation is more complex, you may benefit from a 30 or 60 minute phone or video consultation.

For couples who are separating and intending to divorce, Collaborative Divorce may be an option. With Collaborative Divorce, the parties and their attorneys will generally all meet together at the beginning of the process. This meeting can be by videoconference. After the initial meeting, much of the work can be done via email. A Collaborative Divorce contemplates that the parties and their lawyers will work together to achieve a result that works for both parties and does not require contentious litigation in court.

It is our goal to provide you with the legal services you need in a cost-effective and convenient manner. If you wish to explore our Online Legal Services in greater depth, let us help put you on the right path. It is our goal to provide you the guidance you need to navigate an increasingly complex and confusing world.