Family Law

COVID, My Teacher

Living through a pandemic required that we learn how to do things differently.  I don’t have to tell you that.  School was different for our children.  Travel was different.  The workplace changed in several ways.  These are activities that cannot simply stop.  We had to adapt new ways to get things done.

Irvine Law Firm did not start its online legal services in anticipation of a global pandemic. We started offering online services in 2013 because we thought there were certain legal services that do not require in-person meetings and can be done more timely and less expensively online.  The importance of online legal services became more apparent during the worst days of the struggle with Covid.

Some legal services absolutely require in-person meetings.  However, the preparation of Deeds, Estate Planning and Administration documents, and Marital Agreements, can all be accomplished virtually.  Our clients are learning about new ways of receiving legal services as we figure out new ways to deliver legal services.

We learned to conduct client conferences by video conference.  We shared files with our clients using a shared directory rather than handing them a stack of paper.  We participated in court hearings by video conference.

Learning to do things differently can be intimidating.  I would suggest that the effort is worth the payoff.  Learning to live with Covid did not mean ignoring it or living in a state of constant fear.  “Learning to live” implies that we are exploring our options, assessing our needs, and adapting to get things done.  I would prefer to visit my parents in person. But, for a time the only smart way to gather was by Zoom.  Even though it differed from an in-person gathering, a virtual gathering was a better option than no face-time at all.  Covid taught me many things.  It taught me that an open mind is the best response to a problem. If something is important, we will adapt to get it accomplished.  If you want to explore whether online legal services are right for you, please contact us.