Going To Court Alone?

Abraham Lincoln once said that if you represent yourself you have a fool for a client. This is not always the case, but there is some wisdom in the saying.  You wouldn't consider performing surgery on yourself, would you?

The number of unrepresented litigants is on the rise nationally and in North Carolina.  The increase puts added strain on judges and clerks of court, and it may result in non-lawyers attempting to give legal advice.  If you represent yourself, you risk not achieving your desired result AND you may be abandoning certain rights and remedies without knowing it.

Just because you can find a legal form online does not mean that you are using the correct form or that the form is consistent with North Carolina law.  And, if you have questions about that online legal form, do you have a way of asking a North Carolina lawyer questions about the form or the procedures in the courtroom?

We can help.  We offer several levels of assistance to guide you through the courtroom experience.

  • Have a legal document you want reviewed and/or explained?  Would you benefit from an explanation and advice about courtroom procedures?  We can schedule a phone, email or video consultation to provide you with a better understanding of the legal proceedings relevant to your issues.
  • Not sure you are doing the right thing in trying to represent yourself?  Perhaps you should schedule an email or phone consultation just to make sure you are not missing anything.

At Irvine Law Firm we recognize that legal services are no longer "one size fits all."  If you are considering representing yourself, take the next step.  Make sure you know what to expect when you go to court and have the confidence that you will be able to present your case and achieve your desired result.  Let us help.