Wills & Estates

Have You Done Your Annual Legal Checkup?

Last Will and Testament

* Have your beneficiaries changed?  New children or grandchildren you need to include?  Has any beneficiary passed away?
* Is your named Executor still your best choice?  Do you have an alternate named?
* Did you move to NC with a Will from another state?  If you do not need changes, consider allowing Irvine Law Firm to review it to make sure that it is valid in North Carolina.

Powers of Attorney – Medical and Finances

* Is your named Attorney-in-Fact still able and willing to serve if you need them?  Do you have an alternate named?
* Do you still agree with the rights that you gave to your attorney-in-fact in your power of attorney?
* Does your financial power of attorney need to be recorded at the Register of Deeds?  Have you given a copy of your medical power of attorney to your health care providers?

Leases and Contracts

* Do you have relevant dates on your calendar, such as any required notices or dates of termination?
* Has either party caused unwritten changes in the lease or contract terms, such as adding a pet?
* Have circumstances changed that should be reflected in writing?

General Finances

* Did you spend more or less than your annual budget?  Were there any new expenses that need to be considered annual expenses for the future?
* Have you had your annual review with your investment advisor, financial planner, work benefits administrator, banker, CPA or any others who assist you with your finances?  Always take advantage of the review meetings that are offered to you.
* Are your loans at the best interest rate you can obtain?  Could you save money if you consolidated credit cards?  Are you using the perks that come with your credit cards?

Documents in general

* Know where your important documents are located, who has copies and who has access to the originals.
* Do not make changes by marking on a legally executed document.
* Be sure your executor will know how to find all of your important documents and information saved digitally.